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Dialogue between Switzerland and Kazakhstan in the Language of Dance

Dialogue between Switzerland and Kazakhstan in the Language of Dance
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The Astana Opera’s principal dancer, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, world ballet star Bakhtiyar Adamzhan, and the opera house’s talented ballet soloist Anastasia Zaklinskaya will perform the premiere of Roland Petit’s ballet Le Jeune Homme et la Mort in Switzerland. The outstanding French choreographer’s famous ballet will be presented on October 16 in Geneva as part of the Ballet Evening, Astana Opera press office reports.

Roland Petit’s one-act ballet Le Jeune Homme et la Mort was first presented on June 25, 1946 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris. Since then, it has been staged in many countries around the world, and Switzerland is no exception. The organizers of this unique Gala Evening are Camerata Venia and Geneva Dance Events. To emphasize the event’s importance, the organizers especially invited the Kazakh dancers to perform the ballet premiere, which will take place at the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices theatre in Geneva.

Le Jeune Homme et la Mort is one of my favorite ballets. After all, here you can show your acting skills and give free reign to your emotions. Essentially, this ballet depicts the thoughts of a young man before committing suicide. It is very difficult to express through dance the state of a person under such stress, and this is why I like this ballet, it differs from others in its technique. The ballet is set to Bach’s music, but it only plays in the background because the action does not follow it precisely. That is why during the rehearsals we prepare for the performance without music. Now my colleague Anastasia and I are carefully working on the performance in the rehearsal studio. A few days before the premiere, we will prepare again with Luigi Bonino, who was Roland Petit’s assistant, and on the first performance day we will present our art to the Swiss audience," Bakhtiyar Adamzhan said.

Now my dream is for this ballet to be staged at our Astana Opera. I want Kazakh viewers to also get acquainted with this production, so that it will be a part of the opera house’s repertoire. Therefore, when participating in various performances around the world, I try to bring my colleagues from our ballet company with me to gala evenings taking place abroad. Because if the company has as many dancers as possible performing this ballet, there will be greater assurance that it will be staged at our opera house," the principal dancer added.

Bakhtiyar Adamzhan has been performing the ballet Le Jeune Homme et la Mort for several years now. However, his stage partner, soloist Anastasia Zaklinskaya will appear before the audience in this choreographic masterpiece for the first time.

We will dance with Bakhtiyar Roland Petit’s one-act ballet Le Jeune Homme et la Mort. I will present the role of the Death, who comes to the Young Man in the form of a young woman. Renowned ballerinas perform this part, so of course it is exciting for me, even doubly so, as this will be my debut. I am very grateful and happy to try my hand at such a legendary production by an outstanding choreographer of his time, Roland Petit," Anastasia Zaklinskaya shared.

In the new season, along with the grand premiere of Herman Severin Løvenskiold’s ballet La Sylphide, exciting tour performances await the Astana Opera Ballet Company dancers. In addition, the dancers’ solo tours will continue. In the near future, Bakhtiyar Adamzhan will form at the Star Gala in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and will cut a brilliant figure at the Petipa Awards Gala in San Francisco, the USA, as well as in Cyprus and other countries.

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