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Kazakhstan formed 5-month supply of basic food products

21.01.2022, 17:10 41851
Kazakhstan formed 5-month supply of basic food products
Yerzhan Kazanbayev, Chairman of the Trade Committee of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, spoke about the measures taken to stabilize prices for socially significant food products (SSFP) in Kazakhstan, Kazpravda.kz reports.
As noted by the Chairman of the Trade Committee, the trend of the last 2 years is a significant increase in food prices around the world. In addition to the logistical difficulties due to Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021 there were droughts in many countries and, as a result, rising prices on world markets. And Kazakhstan is no exception.
Today, the main task is to prevent sharp jumps in prices. Work on this is being carried out by the Ministry together with central government agencies and akimats.
First, work continues to ensure the affordability of basic types of food products.
It is planned to increase the area under crops and the production of priority crops intended for the production of socially significant goods.
At present, almost a 5-month supply of basic foodstuffs has been formed in the country. In order to reduce prices for the consumer, it was decided to reduce the size of the trade markup for socially important food products (there are 19 types in the list) from 15 to 10%.
In addition, financing of stabilization funds and lending to retail chains at the expense of the local budget is planned to be increased to 140 billion tenge (today 70 billion tenge has been allocated).
Secondly, work is underway to organize forward purchases of early imported fruits and vegetables from Central Asian countries during the off-season.

Additional block of work of the Ministry and akimats is the strengthening of state contro; on the part of local executive bodies we are strengthening work to control the trade markups and remuneration by involving the public," Yerzhan Kazanbayev said.

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