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Shooting in Akbulak: sides of the tragedy voiced their versions

21.09.2021, 18:04 16822
Shooting in Akbulak: sides of the tragedy voiced their versions
The day before, on September 20, at 17.00 in the Alatau district of Almaty, when the family was evicted from the house, a tragedy occurred: the owner of the house grabbed a weapon and killed five people on the spot. Today, the details of what happened have become known: their versions were announced by law enforcement agencies, the shooter's family, as well as the Bank, which sold the house at auction - the subject of the dispute. 
According to the deputy head of the police department, Rustam Abdrakhmanov, the shooting has occurred during the execution of the court decision on the ownership of the house. Together with the bailiff, two police officers, the new owner of the disputed property and his friend came to the house in Akbulak. They were all shot.
The shooter's wife made a statement today. According to her, the court's decision to evict the family is currently being contested, Sputnik reports.
We applied that we have minor children, that we have a salon that covers our debts in full fivefold. But the bank did not go for it. Moreover, he mocked us. Because he hanged me not as a borrower, but as a mortgagor about 20 million tenge, he physically destroys us, "Anaida Demirchyan said.


The bank for a penny, five times cheaper, sold our property by absentee decisions, without notifying us about it. We called Buran several times, called the prosecutor on duty, he never came," shooter's wife told. 

The woman also said that her husband was "driven to despair by the bailiffs". The family has a record of calls, during which the bailiff threatened to evict them. As a result, when the bailiff came to their house, everything went out of control.

At that time I was at home with children, with an elderly mother, we called an ambulance. I don't know how it all happened, I didn't see it, I only heard shots. All this, of course, is for the judgment of mankind. But I will tell you that if the prosecutor on duty had arrived at that moment, legally explained everything correctly, you know, and would have stopped this crime. People suffered, my husband suffered, my whole family suffered. I don't know what will happen next. But let the whole world know that we are law-abiding citizens, that I have addressed the president a million times. And now I am addressing. Dear Mr. President, you are the guarantor of the Constitution, protect my children and minors. I have a small child with a heart defect, he was in seizures yesterday, but the bailiff did not care. He did not call either guardianship or an ambulance," Demirchyan said.

She offered condolences to the families of people shot by her husband. "Yes, my husband made a mistake, but the bailiff pushed him on purpose, there is evidence," she said.
According to Bank CenterCredit, the borrower LLP "Nano Plus" in July 2011 was provided with two loans for a total of 102 million tenge with a delay in payment of the principal and interest for six months. Non-residential premises, a land plot and a residential building in Akbulak were accepted as collateral under the contracts, Informburo.kz reports.
In 2012 the borrower was granted an additional three months' grace period to repay the principal and interest. Since August 2012, the borrower has been overdue, in connection with which a decision was made to collect the debt in court. The bank stopped charging interest on the loan.
The press service of the Bank said that according to the law, "after the bailiff has seized and appraised the property and before the seizure or sale of the property with the written permission of the bailiff and within the time period set by him, the debtor has the right to sell the seized property at a value not lower than the estimated value," but "neither the borrower, nor did the guarantor use these rights". 
Subsequently, the house was transferred to the new owner at the end of the auction.
It is also reported that "non-residential premises, which were pledged by the bank, could not be sold from the auction due to the lack of potential buyers, and this property passed into the ownership of the bank after the auction for a fall within the auction for the amount of KZT96,008,120". As for the eviction of the family, the Bank stated that it was carried out on the basis of a judicial act in favor of the buyer, that is, it turned into legal relations between citizens.

The bank did not carry out either the sale of the residential building or the subsequent eviction, " the statement says.

According to law enforcement agencies, the Akbulak shooter faces up to 20 years in prison or life imprisonment. 
Today, the head of the Almaty police department, Kanat Taymerdenov, said that two criminal cases were opened on the fact of the shooting in the Alatau region under the articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Murder" and "Attack on a representative of the authorities".
Currently, the suspect is placed in the temporary detention facility. There is an interrogation and clarification of the details. An interdepartmental investigative and operational group has been created, "he said.
According to the chief of police, the weapon used in the shooting has been registered to the suspect since 2008. He is not registered in a psychiatric dispensary. 
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