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Solution of food crisis issue needs new development strategy - UN

21.05.2008, 17:52 2872

Almaty. May 21. Kazakhstan Today - New development strategy for solution of food crisis is needed. The First Assistant Secretary General of United Nations Asha-Rose Migiro stated on May 20 during the special session of United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) devoted to global food crisis, the agency reports referring to the UN news center.

The UN representative noted that prior to food crisis about 830 million people in the world have experienced shortage of food. He drew attention that for the last year prices for rice have grown by 74 percent and wheat - by 130 percent. This caused the fact that 100 million more people have been thrown into abyss of poverty." Having referred to World Bank report conclusions, Asha-Rose Migiro emphasized that it is loss of seven years of global struggle against poverty and famine.

A. Migiro stated that as a result of crisis many other development goals - public health services, education, social stability and good governance turn out under the threat. She added that now many families eat once a day and even working people who receive wages buy rice not in bags, but in cups.

The UN representative emphasized that it is possible to debate for a long time about what has affected the price of products - price for oil, speculative operations, drought, bad weather or growth of manufacture of bio fuel, but this discussion will not help to resolve the problem. She stated that we need the new development strategy, including rendering technical and financial help to small farmers. In her opinion, in more global plan, it is necessary that growth of economy would not bypass the poorest layers of population. "For them new conditions of development of agriculture - a key to the best future," A. Migiro noted.

She expressed hope that participants of ECOSOC session will develop recommendations and conclusions for the summit on food crisis, which will be held in the beginning of June in Rome. The First Assistant Secretary General reminded of creation of interoffice target group of the United Nations that has been entrusted to develop immediate and long-term measures of reaction to world food crisis.

The participants of ECOSOC special session discussed questions of short-term emergency measures at the national and international levels that will help to feed starving, to stabilize prices and to strengthen food safety in the world. They also exchanged opinions on expansion of regional and international cooperation for liquidation of the reasons and consequences of high prices for foodstuffs.

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