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Demand for dollar boosts in Kazakhstan

08.08.2018, 19:52 2545
The rate of the American currency is growing, but it does not lose popularity. Net sales of the dollar have more than doubled in a month, according to ranking.kz.

In June, there is a boost in demand for dollars, their net sales by exchange offices (that is, sales less purchase) amounted to 79.9 billion tenge, which is 2.4 times more than a month earlier. At the same time, the weighted average dollar rate in June increased by 2.4% against May.

Net sales of Russian ruble decreased for the second month in a row and amounted to 57.7 billion tenge, 6.5% less than in May.

Net sales of the euro fell by just 21.3%, to 20.6 billion tenge.

The biggest gap between the amount of US currency exchanged and bought out in exchange offices is observed in Almaty. Here the difference in favor of the dollar was 31.5 billion tenge, which is 41.7% more than last month.

The next is Turkestan region and Shymkent – 13.1 billion tenge, a growth for a month is by 25.5%. Atyrau region bottoms the top three- a difference worth 7.6 billion tenge that is by 46% more compared with May.

In comparison with last month, when negative net exchange sales of US dollars were observed in two regions (Astana and Akmola region), Astana observes selling rate more than buying rate by 1.5 billion tenge (14.7 billion tenge in May).

The highest net sales of rubles fixed in West Kazakhstan -7.7 billion tenge in favor of the Russian currency, which is 11% more than in May. Next is the East Kazakhstan region - 7 billion tenge, which is 5.1% less than a month earlier. Karaganda region closes top 3 - 5.8 billion tenge, growth for the month by 1.6%.

Negative net sales of the ruble (that is, more rubles handed over by the Kazakhstanis to the exchanges than those purchased) in June were recorded in two areas, against the last month.

Negative volumes of net sales of the euro by the exchange offices were last recorded only in one region at the beginning of the year. The Euro is popular all over Kazakhstan and although net sales have declined, Kazakhstan is always buying more of the European currency than they are renting.

The largest volume of net sales of euro exchange offices for June was recorded in Almaty - 10.5 billion tenge, however, it is by 19.7% less than in May. Next is Astana city - 3.1 billion tenge, 11.7% less than a previous month. The Karaganda region closes the top three, 1.4 billion tenge, 16.4% less than last month.

Source: BNews.kz

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