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Inflation in May 2023 was 15.9% year-on-year

Inflation in May 2023 was 15.9% year-on-year
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The consumer price index slowed down for the month and amounted to 0.6% against 0.9% in April. Prices for paid services increased by 0.7%, food and non-food products - by 0.5%.

The increase in prices was noted for air passenger transport services by 11.5%, rail - by 2.5%. There is an increase in prices for sanatorium services by 5.6%, in the field of recreation and sports events - by 2.9%, preschool services - by 1.7%, healthcare - by 1.4%.

Food prices have significantly increased for fruit and vegetable products, in May cabbage rose by 23.8%, onions - by 9.9%, grapes - by 9.6%, carrots - by 8.6%, apples - by 5.3%, potatoes - by 4%. Rice prices increased by 2.5%, soft drinks - by 1.9%, drinking milk - by 1.8%, tea - by 1.6%. Cucumbers fell by 39.6%, tomatoes - by 23.7%, sweet peppers - by 7.6%, buckwheat groats - by 4%, bananas - by 3.8%.

The increase in prices in May was observed for liquefied gas in cylinders by 1.7%, gasoline - by 1.2%, diesel fuel - by 0.7%. Prices compared to last month increased for clothing and shoes by 1.3%, personal goods - by 1.2%, dishes - by 0.9%, detergents and cleaning products - by 0.8%.

Among the regions, the highest monthly inflation was registered in the city of Shymkent - by 1% (above the national average by 0.4 percentage points), the lowest - 0.1% in the Pavlodar region.

In the context of regions, prices for food products increased the most in the Ulytau region by 1.4%, non-food products - in the city of Almaty and North Kazakhstan region by 1%, paid services - in the city of Shymkent by 2.7%.

Inflation in May 2023 was 15.9% year-on-year. Prices for food products increased by 16.5%, non-food products - by 17.2%, paid services - by 13.5%.

Compared to May 2022, office supplies rose by 67.5%, cucumbers - by 53.4%, household soap - by 49.7%, dishwashing detergent - by 47.1%, concentrated sugar-free milk - by 46.6%, rice - by 44.9%, day hospital treatment - by 43.6%, sugar-refined - by 42.7%. On the contrary, in annual terms, cabbage and carrots fell by 19.1%, potatoes - by 16.8%, garlic - by 8.4%, beets - by 7.1%.

The consumer price index indicator characterizing the inflation rate is calculated monthly. Observations are conducted on tariffs and prices for services and goods, for a total of 508 positions. Dynamic changes in inflation can be viewed on a specially designed interactive dashboard, which covers indicators starting from 2018.

The Bureau calculates the consumer price index indicator monthly, which characterizes the level of inflation. We are observing changes in tariffs and prices for services and goods, for a total of 508 items. Prices are registered through a selective network of trade and service enterprises of various forms of ownership in all regional centers, the capital and a certain circle of cities and district centers," explains Kuanyshbek Zhakypbekuly, Director of the Bureau's Price Statistics Department.

*Since January 2023, when constructing the consumer price index, the share of food products is 41.8%, non-food products - 29.6%, paid services - 28.6%.

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