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Kazakhstan ranks 9th according to School Achievement

14.01.2019, 19:44 4234
The article notes that the country "smashes expectations", suggesting "could this be the rise of a new intellectual superpower?" INA Kazinform informs.

It is noteworthy that the Asian countries top the School Achievement ranking, which is, according to the authors, "represents a major shift in global intellectual power." The authors also say "as time goes by, we're going to see proportionally more innovation from the East, with Western ideas not dominating as they have done before."

Experts from Vouchercloud have also ended up with a list of the top 25 cleverest countries, as well as the countries according to Nobel Prize winners and average IQ levels.

Japan founded to be the cleverest country with the high national IQ average level (104.2) and the School Achievement ranking, and poorer 26 Nobel prize winners (6th) compared to the United States of America, that outperforms all the countries in Nobel Prize winners (368). The top 10 cleverest countries also include Switzerland in 2nd, China in 3rd, USA in 4th as well as the Netherlands (5th), Russia (6th), Belgium (7th), Great Britain (8th), Canada (9th) and South Korea (10th).

Source: BNews.kz

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