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UAE customers choose lamb meat from Kazakhstan

23.07.2019, 19:48 17794
The Embassy of Kazakhstan in the UAE maintains diplomatic assistance in promoting domestic products on the Emirates market, the press service of the Kazakh MFA informs.
A month ago, it was reported that Kazakhstani meat appeared on the shelves of the widely represented in the Emirates LuLu retail network, resulting the joint efforts of the domestic business community, Atameken NCE and the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the UAE. As well, the plans for the implementation of other trade and export projects between the two countries were mentioned.
For said purpose, the diplomatic representation of Kazakhstan in the Emirates is constantly monitoring and studying consumers’ demand for lamb meat exported from Kazakhstan.
When visiting the Al-Jubail market (Souq Al Jubail) in the Emirate of Sharjah, which has a large offer of meat products from various countries, we succeeded to talk with local consumers, who turned out to be experts in the field of meat, Mr. Ahmed and his son Adham. In the course of the conversation, it became clear that they have a very strong motivation and arguments to buy meat from Kazakhstan.

Here is a very good price for Kazakhstani meat, in particular, lamb. The meat is very tender, there is no smell, and it is cooked quickly. This is due to the grass that cattle feed on. I think Kazakhstan sheep consume normal grass, without any chemicals. That is why we are buying Kazakhstani meat," – Adham shared his thoughts. – "As for the meat of livestock from other places that is fed with low-quality grass or feedstuff, to which chemical agents were added, it is not difficult to immediately identify how this affects the taste of meat and the cooking time. We had faced with poor-quality meat, and now we can figure out this stuff. In addition, my father and my uncle were butchers. Therefore, we have experience in how to choose the right meat. When you have experience in the meat business, you, of course, are interested in where the meat came from, although most people, probably, do not ask about this. For this reason, now we prefer meat from Kazakhstan. And we understood it from the moment we first tasted it".


It was 2-3 years ago, here in the UAE," Mr. Ahmed, Adham’s father, joins the conversation. "Do you know why we are still interested in buying Kazakhstani meat? We come from Egypt and find the similarity of Kazakh lamb meat with the Egyptian. As we once tried this meat with the hope that it would be very tasty, and it appeared so."

The meat is supplied to the Al-Jubail market by Bio Agro Meat Trading Kazakhstan company, which has exported over 30 tonnes of chilled lamb to the UAE since the beginning of the year.
As Alimzhan Alimbetov, head of the company, tells before delivering Kazakhstan meat to the UAE they went through a number of certification procedures. According to the standards of the UAE in the field of standardization and the established procedure, representatives of regulatory authorities visited meat-processing plant in Kazakhstan and gave an assessment and recommendations for eliminating deficiencies. Then they came back and fixed the readjustments.

After establishing compliance with sanitary and other standards, our company was given the approval for the supply of lamb to the Emirates. We did all efforts the right way, and after that there were no any problems," – the entrepreneur shares his experience. "Our advantage was that we worked out in all directions simultaneously and comprehensively. For example, we found partners from the Emirates who made certain investments in the material base of our meat processing plant, i.e. invested their money, as they saw the prospects and profitability of the sale of Kazakh meat in the UAE. At the same moment, we worked out the target markets. We developed veterinary and sanitary standards of our products. We solved the issues of logistics and delivery." he added.

The promotion of Kazakhstan's export is one of the most important priorities of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan in the limits of the implementation of economic diplomacy.
As Mr. Madiyar Menilbekov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the UAE, noted earlier, an important task in the work of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s foreign missions is to promote the products of Kazakhstani enterprises to foreign markets: "Our Embassy is making its efforts to use and maximize the existing capacities to provide support and diplomatic assistance to exporters of Kazakhstani goods, including food products. In doing this we take into account the characteristics of the UAE market and regulatory basis."
After our further request for a comment, M. Menilbekov, Ambassador: "During the recent expanded meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Head of State K. Tokayev paid special attention to agriculture and attracting foreign investment. The Emirates business is already working in the Kazakhstani agricultural sector, and we stay relevant. I think that we will succeed in linking both points of the economic direction of diplomacy, and by supporting Kazakhstan’s exports, we will also encourage investment. If foreign business persons have their own production facilities or shares in them, then importing, for instance, to the Emirates will cost less at cost of production, and due to their competitive advantages in price, they will be able to increase turnover. The Kazakh business will benefit, respectively. This is a collaboration of two parties. These are our goals," he emphasized.
The head of the diplomatic mission of Kazakhstan also added: "The Emirates created favorable conditions for the trade in food products on their territory. Of course, the first place is the requirement of quality and compliance with standards. At the same time, truly competitive conditions have been created, and those who are able to supply quality products can sell their goods without any obstacles. The market is open to all, and we, from our part, can confirm this."
It should be noted that from the Emirati side, trade, economic and investment cooperation between Kazakhstan and the UAE is under the constant attention of H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs of the United Arab Emirates. This stimulates the development of export-import relations between the businesses of the two countries to a considerable extent.
According to Dr. Muhammad Ariki, UAE Coordinator of International Relations with the CIS countries, the potential for cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Emirates in the field of agricultural and, in particular, food products is very promising.

Kazakhstan has a number of significant competitive advantages in the field of agriculture and livestock breeding. Your advantage is the natural conditions of production and, in fact, a high degree of environmental friendliness of the products, Mr. M. Ariki shares his observations. "If the agricultural resources of Kazakhstani producers will be technically and innovatively risen and interfaced with UAE standards, then we can develop a stable and long-lasting partnership within the strategic objectives of the UAE in the field of food supply and consumption growth forecasts in both the short and long term. To ensure quality imports of agricultural products and food in the UAE, I am sure the UAE business will be ready to invest in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan. Interest in exports from Kazakhstan can actually provide certain investment in Kazakhstan," concluded the UAE representative.

The meat produced in Kazakhstan continues to gain the sympathy of UAE consumers. We will continue to inform the public about the development of various aspects of this export direction.
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