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Trust, but verify: scales in retail outlets will now be checked

The list of measurements related to state regulation has been supplemented with measurements of the mass of goods in trade and commercial operations, press service of the Ministry of Trade and Integration reports.

In other words, now every retail facility will have to carry out annual mandatory verification of scales by certified verifiers in accredited (having passed competence assessment) verification laboratories, which are available in all regions of the country. If previously the requirement for verification applied only to means of measuring geometric parameters of goods sold (length, etc.), now scales have been added.

The essence of verification is to confirm compliance of measuring instruments with mandatory metrological requirements. For this purpose a certified method of verification is used, a number of activities are carried out, as a result of which positive results are certified by a verification stamp, in the negative case - a notice of unsuitability of the measuring instrument is sent. The procedure is not costly, the average cost on the market rarely exceeds 5000 tenge, and involves the use of special weights.

The changes are based on the current provisions of the Law "On Ensuring Uniformity of Measurements", which explicitly determined that the objects of state metrological control are, inter alia, the quantity of products alienated in the course of trade operations, and the Rules of Internal Trade, according to which a trade facility shall be equipped with the necessary trade inventory, equipment, including measuring instruments approved for use in accordance with the requirements of the Law "On Ensuring Uniformity of Measurements".

Thus, when selling products by weight, consumers will be protected by the Law from unreliable measurement results and will receive the weight they paid for. According to expert estimates, about 8-10% of measuring instruments submitted for verification do not pass it, thus are not suitable.

For non-compliance with the requirements of the Law, Article 419 of the Code of Administrative Offenses stipulates liability in the form of a fine for both individuals (30 Monthly Estimated Rate) and legal entities (from 230 Monthly Estimated Value to 600 Monthly Estimated Value).

The measure is overdue, one can say "dropped out" and control has not been carried out for more than 4 years. Every minute throughout the country in thousands of commercial facilities consumers "without looking" trust various kinds and states of scales, paying their own money for unverified measurement results. There are complaints from citizens. Verification will ensure the accuracy of scales, consumer protection and reduction of deceptive practices", - said the Chairman of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of MTI RK Kuanysh Yelikbayev.

The innovation does not apply to agricultural fairs, the Ministry of Trade and Commerce added.

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