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This is American-style "genocide"

This is American-style "genocide"
On May 14, U.S. President Joe Biden's administration stated that it does not consider Israel's killing of Palestinians in Gaza during its war with Hamas to be genocide. They do not believe that what is happening in Gaza constitutes genocide. However, when it comes to China's Xinjiang, the U.S. has consistently maintained a double standard, asserting that genocide is occurring there.

From Sullivan's statement, it is clear that despite the well-known suffering of the Palestinian people, these issues do not seem to matter much to the U.S. government and its officials. The American double standard in dealing with the issues of genocide in Gaza and Xinjiang is unbelievable. Compared to Gaza, where there is frequent warfare, displacement, and suffering of women and children, Xinjiang is a place of stable population growth where people live and work in peace. It is clear to the public which of these faces the issue of genocide.

The rhetoric of American politicians is outrageously hypocritical and marked by double standards. It is astonishing that a major country can lie so blatantly and turn black into white on the international stage. Clearly, based on its political needs, the U.S. aims to monopolize the definition of genocide. However, the eyes of people around the world are sharp and discerning.

Author: Political scientist Wang Dongbei, China

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