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Foreign experts assessed Kazakhstan's Constitution

28.08.2018 3804
As part of the international conference under the theme 'Constitution: the implementation of values of the rule of law, civil society and modern state', the presentation of a new scientific and practical commentary on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

23 years ago, head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev declared an initiative to adopt a new Constitution. In that difficult period, the initiative, idea had rallied all Kazakhstan citizens. Following the all-national referendum, more than 7 million Kazakhstan citizens, that is 89%, had supported the idea and voted for the new Constitution. After the referendum, the President announced that Kazakhstan citizens for the first time in history had defined their future by themselves and voted for their future. The was indeed the case, nowadays the Constitution provides for continuous economic growth, stability and the rule of law, rights within Kazakhstan," said Chairman of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan Kairat Mami.

In his speech, Deputy Executive Director of the Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan Igor Rogov noted that the holiday of Day of the Constitution and the holding of a scientific and poracical conference are a good annual tradition in Kazakhstan.

In 1995 when the Constitution was adopted, scientists had a task to develop a commentary on the Act. And, one should mention that other scientific representatives were sceptical, believing that there was no nothing to comment. That is, the Constitution was accepted as an document containing propaganda, that declared something and was not functioning. However, the Constitution has the norm that says the Constitution has the direct effect. After years, everyone got such perception, the Constitution cannot be applied, it should be applied directly and immediately, without interpreting its norms," said Igor Rogov.

According to him, famous foreign experts firstly took part in the preparation of a commentary to the Constitution together with Kazakhstan's authors.

In the past year, a well-known global constitutional reform was held, for the first time the draft law 'On introduction of amendments and additions to the Constitution' was submitted for consideration to the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe. The Commission gave a positive conclusion and noted great advantages of the project, as well as the Commission's President Mr. Gianni Buquicchio wrote an article to the commentary and some authors wrote commentaries on several articles," he said.

He noted that Kazakhstan's Constitution is widely studied and is of interest to not only our scientists, but also to foreign practitioners.

In the end, it is outlined that Kazakhstan's constitutional changes are a further step towards the democratization. The reform gives a right vector in further development of the country and proves an obvious progress. According to the Commission, the increase of the Parliament's in general, the Parliament's chambers, and, in particular, the transfer of some functions of the President of Kazakhstan to the government, and the strengthening of its accountability and verifiability to the Parliament, are positive changes that correspond to the constitutional reforms held in 1998-2007," said Igor Rogov.

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